Painted Aluminum Covers

E-Z-H/R Perforated

E-Z-H/R Perforated


This Perforated gutter cover for 6" half-round is engineered to work well with both circle and hidden hangers. It locks under the metal clips or it can be fastened with stainless steel screws through the pre-punched holes on the front edge. It does not disturb the shingles and stays out of sight from the ground.


E-Z-H/R Perforated® comes in 6-foot lengths and 6.5" wide.


  • Works with both circle and hidden hangers on 6”
    half-round gutters
  • Thousands of holes to keep debris out and let water through
  • Hemmed front for extra strength
    and smooth appearance
  • Front holes to install stainless steel screws (provided)
  • Channels are designed to strengthen panel and allow debris to dry and blow away
  • Holes in front wall for overflow
    during heavy rains
  • .019 Painted Aluminum with 5-Year Warranty

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Available Colors

  • White
  • Mill Finish
  • Black

E-Z-H/R Perforated

Fastens through pre-punched holes into the front of 6" seamless half-round gutters without disturbing the shingles.

Like all gutter protection products, depending on your debris type and load, E-Z-H/R Perforated will require maintenance from time to time, by brushing off the top of the panels.

E-Z-H/R Perforated Installation Diagram