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E-Z-Leaf Destroyer

E-Z-Leaf Destroyer


E-Z-Leaf Destroyer is the only stainless steel filter on the market that "Snaps" into standard gutter with spring tension.

This stainless steel gutter filter is a tightly woven heavy gauge mesh that is corrosion resistant with significant water infiltration. When it is installed, the arch strengthens the stainless mesh without the need for additional ribs. The solid aluminum edge is designed with a bead lock that firmly attaches it to the mesh, the rear edge spans the hangers for strength. The unique patent pending reverse arch utilizes a smooth radius bend profile that is positioned below the front gutter hem so there is no additional bending required during installation. This feature forces the rain water through the mesh while the debris travels up and over the front edge of the gutter.


Comes in 4-foot lengths and 5" & 6" widths


  1. E-Z-Leaf Destroyer snaps into the gutter for a quick install and removes easily for maintenance
  2. Spring tension strengthens the filter and enables a large debris load.
  3. Aluminum edges that are firmly attached to the mesh with a continuous bead lock.
  4. Patent pending inverted arch forces water to drop into gutter.
  5. Profile slopes to the front of gutter to shed debris.
  6. Tightly woven heavy gauge stainless steel mesh that is a corrosion resistant gutter filter.

*Complies with the ASNI 63-2013 standard for rainwater harvesting because the mesh size is 700 microns, less than the required 1500 microns.

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Available Colors

  • Mill Finish

E-Z-Leaf Destroyer

Place into the gutter, laying on the hangers under the shingles, push back to snap into the front hem of the gutter.

Like all gutter protection products, depending on your debris type and load, E-Z-Leaf Destroyer will require maintenance from time to time, by brushing off the top of the panels.

E-Z-Leaf Destroyer Installation Diagram

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