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Painted Aluminum Covers

Our aluminum solid, perforated or louvered gutter covers provide the best protection from the elements. These covers are designed for medium to heavy duty debris loads, and are available in a variety of colors.

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E-Z-Solid Gutter Covers


This solid guard allows the water to track around the front (by surface tension) and into the gutter, while forcing debris to fly off. The clips install first and maintain a consistent gap along the leading edge, so water tracks around the patented-design multiple radius curve and into the gutter. It also features a perforated bend line where the metal meets the roof.

E-Z to Install: Fastens with special stainless steel clips and screws to the front of the gutter.

Like all gutter protection products, depending on your debris type and load, E-Z-Solid® will require maintenance from time to time, by brushing off the top of the panels.

Size: E-Z-Solid comes in 4 foot lengths and 5″ or 6″ widths.

Colors: Available in white, black, royal brown, musket brown, clay, terra bronze, and colonial grey.

Special Order: Almond, classic cream, evergreen, wicker, and charcoal grey. Also available in 16 oz. copper.

  • White
  • Black
  • Royal Brown
  • Musket Brown
  • Clay
  • Terra Bronze
  • Colonial Grey
  • Almond
  • Classic Cream
  • Evergreen
  • Wicker
  • Charcoal Grey
  • 16 oz Copper


  • Maximum Debris Load
  • An Ultra-low 3/4″ Tall Profile Guard that Fits between the Starter and 1st Row of Shingles without Re-hanging the Gutter
  • Solid Painted .019″ Aluminum with a Patented Multiple Radius Front Curve
  • Available in 16 oz. Copper

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