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E-Z Gutter Products are made in the USA


Our founder, JAMES E. EALER SR. working out of St. Louis local 36, installed seamless galvanized gutter on one of the first gutter trucks in the country in 1962-63. Jim started his first business in 1973. In 1976 he bought a new gutter machine. Within one year Custom Seamless Guttering became one of the largest installers in the St. Louis area, because of his work ethic and knowledge of the industry. The year 1983 saw the company grow to 5 trucks and he received his first gutter protection patent and started making E-Z-LOCK gutter screen. By 1985, everything for a quality gutter install was manufactured in-house except nails and screws. By the 1990’s Jim Sr. had a dozen patents for gutter protection. Jim Ealer Sr. decided to retire from local 36 in 1997 and with his five children, concentrate on gutter protection manufacturing. Starting MIDWEST ENTERPRISES, they began building a network of distributors nationwide.

In the year 2000, we built our “E-Z-Powder-Coat” line, dedicated to screen only. This gives us the newest technology in the industry and allows us to focus on quality control, volume and cost. Today all of our coated products utilize our own propriety powder that has been designed for maximum durability in the gutter. This creates the best coated screen product in the United States.

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In 2004 Jim Sr. designed “E-Z-STEP-DOWN” and “E-Z-UNDER”; our first updated steel screen profiles in 20 years. Both of these products use the “small hole” expanded galvanized steel that is then “E-Z-Powder-Coated”. In 2005, he started selling “E-Z-Solid” which features our patented low profile multiple radius front curves. In 2006, we introduced the “E-Z-Leaf-Sweep” system which features our patented louvers. It has a unique canal system that recesses the louvers for a smoother debris plane. In 2008, we released “E-Z-DOUBLE-LOCK “ and “E-Z-H/R”,both designed for the new seamless half round gutter. In 2009, we debuted “E-Z-MICRO-MESH”. It is an aluminum powder coated screen that has openings approximant .060. These are so small that it helps deflects even the smallest debris.

Between 2003 and 2006 Jim Sr. designated a management division for each of his children. Jim Jr. is national sales manager. Perry is office manager and owns/runs MIDWEST STAMPING. Doug is in charge of mechanics and maintenance. Mike runs the aluminum product division. Jane is the administration assistant and her husband, Jason is the screen production manager. The knowledge acquired while growing up in the industry helps put MIDWEST ENTERPRISES at the top of their field. With the third generation at work, MIDWEST ENTERPRISES is positioned for continued growth for years to come.